modular homes bravus front

Modular Homes - Bravus

Price: 109,000$
  • All building permits included
  • Transportation costs included
  • Different types of loan programs available

  • Square Feet: 2454
  • Bedroom: 3
  • Bathroom: 3


Bravus is the perfect modular home model for a family. Being a 2 stories high ample home with a total area of 2454 square feet, this house comes with 3 bedrooms which are all located on the upper floor. In this second floor, and attached to the main bedroom, you can also find a spacious balcony. This model is equipped with a roomy and comfortable 441 square foot living room suitable for all the activities you wish to do there, and a reserved 193 square foot office space ideal for any work that needs to be done at home. This home model also has 3 bathrooms (2 upstairs and 1 downstairs), and an amazing 150 square feet kitchen.

House Photos


Floor Plans


Area Distribution

Total Area: 2454 ft²
Building Area: 1313 ft²
Kitchen: 150 ft²
Living Room: 441 ft²
Bedroom 1: 200.20 ft²
Bedroom 2: 165.97 ft²
Bedroom 3: 154.03 ft²
Bathroom 1: 47.03 ft²
Bathroom 2: 61.03 ft²
Bathroom 3: 61.03 ft²
Office: 193.75 ft²

Interior and Finishings