Modular Homes - Enna

Price: 49,000$
  • All building permits included
  • Transportation costs included
  • Different types of loan programs available

  • Square Feet: 1311
  • Bedroom: 2/3
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Office: 1


The Enna is a modest modular home model with a total area of 1310 square feet. This home has 2 similar bedrooms with an area of 130 square feet, and another smaller bedroom that can easily be turned into an office. This one-story home also includes one small but completely functional kitchen and a big living room. Enna is a simple and minimalistic home that provides all the comfort that other bigger and more eccentric homes may have and will, without a doubt, meet the needs and desires of every homeowner.

House Photos


Floor Plans


Area Distribution

Total Area: 1311 ft²
Building Area: 1311 ft²
Kitchen: 133.47 ft²
Living Room: 299.23 ft²
Bedroom 1: 131.31 ft²
Bedroom 2: 132.39 ft²
Bedroom 3 / Office: 120.77 ft²
Bathroom 1: 60.81 ft²
Bathroom 2: 39.82 ft²

Interior and Finishings