Modular Homes - Macerata

Price: 69,000$
  • All building permits included
  • Transportation costs included
  • Different types of loan programs available

  • Square Feet: 1446
  • Bedroom: 3
  • Bathroom: 2


Macerata is a compact and modern modular home style. With a total area of 1446 square feet, this one-story home has a total of 3 bedrooms, which makes it perfect for a small family. One of these 3 bedrooms holds a 32 square feet closet and a 51 square feet private bathroom. The rest of the home is composed of another bathroom, a cozy 296 square feet living room and a genuine and truly functional 150 square feet kitchen. Because of the format and positioning of its windows, all of the rooms in this modular home style are nicely illuminated which, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, will allow you to appreciate this home’s fine architectural lines.

House Photos


Floor Plans


Area Distribution

Total Area: 1446 ft²
Building Area: 1446 ft²
Kitchen: 150.69 ft²
Living Room: 296 ft²
Bedroom 1: 172.22 ft²
Bedroom 2: 138.31 ft²
Bedroom 3: 172.22 ft²
Bathroom 1: 59.20 ft²
Bathroom 2: 51.12 ft²
Closet: 32.29 ft²

Interior and Finishings