Modular Homes - Vittoria

Price: 72,000$
  • All building permits included
  • Transportation costs included
  • Different types of loan programs available

  • Square Feet: 1714
  • Bedroom: 3
  • Bathroom: 2
  • Terrace: 2


With a total area of 1714 square feet, the Vittoria is a comfortable and modern modular home model. This home has 3 similar bedrooms and 2 modest bathrooms. Vittoria also has a 299 square feet living room and a 133 square feet kitchen. This home model is an aesthetically pleasing home, with minimalistic exterior details, but appealing architectural lines. What makes the Vittoria even more tempting to some homeowners is its incredible terraces. This modular home comes with two terraces suitable for many outdoor activities or just for appreciating the night sky or a splendid sunny day. This model will certainly be the dreamhouse of most homeowners.

House Photos


Floor Plans


Area Distribution

Total Area: 1714 ft²
Building Area: 1714 ft²
Kitchen: 133.47 ft²
Living Room: 299.23 ft²
Bedroom 1: 164.68 ft²
Bedroom 2: 160.38 ft²
Bedroom 3: 166.84 ft²
Bathroom 1: 52.74 ft²
Bathroom 2: 46.82 ft²
Terrace 1: 120.55 ft²
Terrace 2: 92.03 ft²

Interior and Finishings