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What are modular homes

The economic constraints and environmental concerns have led to more and more people to choose alternative housing solutions such as prefabricated homes.
There are still some preconceptions regarding modular homes. They are seen as fragile or unaesthetic (or at least, more limited in terms of design). However, this conception couldn’t be further from the truth
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Financing Options

Maxmodularhomes can establish a connection with multiple qualified lenders that provide a wide range of possible loans for your modular home. These loans include financing programs for applicants with an excellent credit history as well as applicants that may have had credit challenges in the past. The following information will help you get a better understanding of modular home financing.

Modular vs Manufactured Homes

The terms “modular home” and “manufactured home” have different meanings but are sometimes used to refer to the same thing. This confusion is great because modular homes are manufactured. Another big misconception about modular homes is that they are worse than traditional site-built homes.

Most Popular Modular Homes Styles

Modular and manufactured homes have a lot of different types, sizes, layouts and styles. When it comes to design, modular homes have an enormous range of possibilities. When the time comes for you to design your modular home, it’s important that you already know the most popular available home designs for modular homes.