Modular and manufactured homes have a lot of different types, sizes, layouts and styles. When it comes to design, modular homes have an enormous range of possibilities. When the time comes for you to design your modular home, it’s important that you already know the most popular available home designs for modular homes.


Cape Cod homes are inspired in a centennial design that originated in 17th century New England. They have a symmetrical exterior appearance, with a minimalistic design. Cape Cod homes have a low and broad frame and are normally one or one and a half stories high. Some of their most recognizable characteristics are the moderately steep roofs, oversized chimneys and their iconic end gables. Some of the interior features that make this house so appealing to some are its low ceilings, asymmetrical layout featured by a center hall and the fact that it is made with clean lines and minimalistic aesthetic details.

Ranch Homes


Ranch homes fuse the modernist and American Western styles, creating a cozy style of home using modest exterior ornamentation. Originally designed to battle the intense heat, these homes are usually only one story high. Some of its most recognizable characteristics are its large windows, overhanging eaves and long low-pitched rooflines. Inside you can usually find an open concept living area, dining room and kitchen with clean adornments and architectural details that will make anyone fall in love with this home.

Colonial Homes

The Colonial Homestyle was based on the architecture of the homes during the American Colonial period between the 16th and 19th centuries. These are symmetrical homes that are adorned with several exterior ornaments and designed to have steep and double hipped roofs with a central chimney. This type of home is usually two or more stories high, being that the kitchen, living room and dining room are usually on the first floor and the bedrooms in the upper floors, connected by a staircase in the center of the home. This simple and traditional home is perfect for someone who wants a home with an old-world feeling.

2 Story Homes

Often associated with a traditional construction style, it represents a style of modular home that was built with two or more stories (basements not included).

Contemporary Homes

modular homes - modena 3d model view 2
modular homes - modena 3d model view 2

The Contemporary style is an ever-changing style, which translates into very different designs. This home-style represents what is being created at the moment. For modular and manufactured homes, we can consider it as the latest in modern architecture, and also that it is the biggest growing home style in the prefabricated homes sector.

Chalet Homes

Chalet homes are a characteristic style of the European Alpine region. Chalet homes are homes with a picturesque style that have all of the comfort provided by modern homes. They can be easily identified because they are made of wood and have high, pointed sloping roofs, to prevent the accumulation of snow. They are often seen near mountains, but the term is also used for some homes near beaches.

Modular Home Mansions

Mansions are distinguishable more by their size than by a specific style. They are usually very large and include many rooms, making them attractive to people who want to accommodate multiple people or activities. With traditional buildings, a home is considered a mansion when it is larger than 7,000 square feet. However, a modular or manufactured home is considered a mansion when it is larger than 5,000 square feet.

Green homes

Green homes are homes built sustainably and with an emphasis on a resource-efficient lifestyle. Every modular and manufactured home is eco-friendly, because of the construction materials they use and their ecological building process. The term green home is used in a home that exceeds the ecological standards imposed by the building codes.